Bill Gates V. Gates Essay

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Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III was born on October 28th, 1955 in Seattle Washington. Bill was born into the Gates family consisting of his parents, William Sr. and Mary Gates, and his two sisters Kristianne and Libby. The gates family was one in the upper middle-class and very close to each other. The three children were constantly encouraged to strive for excellence by their parents just as they had done in their college years. William Sr. was a law student and Mary as a collegiate athlete involved in student leadership at the University of Washington. From a young age Bill had a very close relationship with his mother. Mary Gates served on several corporate boards, such as First Interstate Bank in Seattle and the United Way and International Business Machines, also known as IBM. At the age of 11, the Gates parents began to have concern about Bill’s behavior as he seemed to be getting very bored and distracted in school. His distraction and lack of interest was caused by his overachieving in basic public schools. So, at the age of 13 Bill was enrolled in Seattle’s Lakeside School where he excelled in math, science, drama, and English. While at Lakeside, a computer company offered computer time for the students. Bill quickly became extremely interested with the computer the school purchases and it’s possibilities. On this computer Bill wrote his first program, a tic-tac-toe game that allowed users to play against the computer. At the Lakeside School Bill was first…

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