How Did Bill Gates Become The Face Of Microsoft

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Face off the Microsoft Company How you ever thought about the people who are the face of the company. Why are they the face of the company? What did they do to get this kind of image? Most of the time person how founded the company is the face of the company. What if there is more than one cofounder of the company then who the face of the company becomes. There cannot be multiple face of the company. For example Microsoft is one these companies that has more than one cofounder of the company, but Bill Gates is the face of the company not Paul Allen. More of the people don’t even know him. This research paper will talk, why Bill Gates is the face of the Microsoft. What did he do to become the face of the Microsoft? Why Paul Allen is not …show more content…
He is wealthiest person in world. He when to Harvard College for two years. After he drops out from college in 1975, he started Microsoft Company with Paul Allen. He when to Lakeside school. He is married to Melinda Gates. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates run a foundation. They help to bring about the kinds of changes that will help people live healthier and more productive lives. They are foundation helps worldeide. He also so give out lots of other charity’s in school, hospitals, and other places. Claire Pomeroy and Mary Lasker spoke with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. In his interview Bill Gates and Melinda Gates said that “When we started the foundation, there were two questions that guided our decisions about where to invest. First, what are the areas of greatest need? And second, where can we have the greatest impact?”(An Interview with bill and Melinda Gates 1249) This because governments was already helping places like parts of USA, and other countries like this. So in the Interview they are saying is that both governments and wealthy people should help poor people and Economy to make it better for all of as. One of the reason why he is the face of the Microsoft Company is because he give out lots of charity’s and does lots of founding’s. He is a media …show more content…
Another reason why Bill Gates is so well known because he give lots of Interview and speeches. As Chappelw, Craing said in his Article “Mintzberg’s classic research found that CEOs spent about 12 percent of their interpersonal time on ceremonial duties.”(23). Bill Gates spend more than 12 percent of his time to speeches not us in U S A, but in all the other counties to. This because of his foundation. Also because of his prsnolte he is good at speech and Interview. He did lots of Interview and speech for Microsoft Company. As Chappelw, Craing said in his Article “was particularly concerned because the best commencement speech I ever heard of was supposedly given by a corporate leader none other than Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.”(23). He is well known throw out the world because of his hard work, his speeches and Interviews for different thing, and of the most impotent thing is his prsonlyte. He does have of good things such as run a foundation. This is why he is the face of the Microsoft. Also people look up to him and they want to be like him. Who wouldn’t want to be wealthiest person in

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