Best Practices Of Human Resources

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HR Best Practices
To begin with, this is a summary of 5 articles related to the field of human resource management. The main purpose of this summary is to define, analyze and explain the best practices in different stages and processes of HR.
The first article I will discuss is entitled "The Best Practices for Human Resources" by Mayhew Ruth. The author provides an overview of HR best practices as methods and techniques that have consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, made by human resource managers and related to the field of HR people to improve services to employees and increase profitability to employers. (Ruth, 2016) The term “Best Practices” is very extensive in the way of differentiation between types of businesses and their goals. For instance, best industrial relations practices in a small startup are typically different from those in a manufactoring plant. Usually best HR practices are focused on the following areas: 1) recruitment and selection; 2) employee relations; 3) compensation
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Recruitment and selection process is one of the most saturated with “best practices” process. (Brock, 2013) During the stage of recruitment and selection employers are highly interested in making a good impression on job seekers because it is important for them to be viewed as an employer of choice. Best practices for recruitment and selection include applicant tracking systems. An effective applicant tracking system ensures that the organization effectively communicates with candidates during the selection process. This is important for the company reputation. In addition, ensuring a rational system of candidate ranking exists is important during the recruitment and selection process. Furthermore, there are many other practices that are equally important during the selection and recruitment

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