Essay on Benefits Of Telemedicine : Telemedicine

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Benefits of telemedicine

Telemedicine has tremendous potential and we’re just beginning to delve into its realm of possibilities. It is a natural digital evolution of a mostly unchanged method of health care delivery. This shift allows people to have better management of their lives while staying in familiar environments such as their own homes (Kaplan & Litweka 2008). Although it is in the very early stages of deployment and research, the concept has been floating around for over half a century (Stanberry 2000; Stanberry 2006). However, in recent years, fueled by the advancement of technological innovations in health, communication, and a massive influx of data-driven services, there is visible encouragements in rapid development for a commercially viable product (Stanberry 2000; Bauer 2001). Potential benefits of telemedicine include universal availability of access to health consultations, reduced discrepancies in quality offered, minimizing commute time and lowering costs while providing accurate and improved health information (Kaplan & Litweka 2008; Bauer 2001; Stanberry 2000). Additional benefits might also include a complete revamp of health infrastructure for the possibility for universal cross-organizational sharing of health records anytime and anywhere (Kaplan & Litweka 2008).

Equal distribution of health facilities
One of the main advantages of telemedicine is the diminishing geographical constraints for people all over the world in accessing health…

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