Benefits Of Having A Nurse Essay

1089 Words Mar 18th, 2016 null Page
After sitting down with the director of the Health Center at John Jay College, Miss Melanie Clarke, we discussed the disadvantages of not having a nurse in the health center as well as the advantages of having a nurse for the student of College, as well as the staff. I attempted to understand what students and professors should do if a situation should arise and they need medical help. I am aware that there have not been a nurse in the health center for about 2 years, and while some students don’t need to see a nurse every day there are students that are forced to leave the health center because there is no medical help there. The cost of having a nurse for the college is expensive and City University of New York (CUNY) want to offer minimum wage to nurses. It is important for a nurse to be in the Health Center for the benefit of students and professors health and attendance. I have been attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice for the past year and a half and there has never been a nurse in the Health Center. I know this because I have been extremely ill a few times and I was sent to get the help of a nurse, however, I was offered a pill with no name and when I refused, I was turned away. John Jay has not had a nurse since the fall of 2014, and during that period, approximately one hundred twenty-five to two hundred students went to get a nurse’s help. That’s about three hundred seventy-five to six hundred students for the past three semesters. During the…

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