Benefits Of Genetically Modified Crops Essay

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GM crops is a very controversial topic that is being discussed around the world. GM crops are plants that have been genetically altered in order to become more efficient. Having food is very important to human life. We are being presented with an opportunity to improve our health and lives through genetically modified crops. They not only provide a substantial amount of nutrition, they can help us create vaccines, they make it easier to to care of the crops, and they can be improved to create healthy and strong plants. As for the concerns, there are worries but they haven’t come true yet. This is why there will be laws discussed later on that should be passed in order to make these crops, but do know that the world 's growing population will need more food to be sustained.

Genetically modified crops or better known as GM crops are plants that have been combined with genetic material that is acquired through the use of modern biotechnology.
They can contain a gene(s) that has been artificially inserted instead of the plant, acquiring it through pollination (Pocket). In short, people are manipulating plants to create higher-quality crops. GM crops are made through a process known as genetic engineering. Genes that are desired are transferred between two crops. This can be achieved by using a gene gun or a bacterium. The gene gun shoots DNA coated with tiny particles into the plant cells, while the bacterium introduces the gene into the plant 's DNA (Pocket). There are several…

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