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At the end of the semester, Fitbit will be giving scholarships for the following awards along with trophies for the schools:
- Grand prize – Most steps walked – $250,000
- Runner-up - Highest average steps walked among users – $50,000
- Winner of conference – Most Steps Walked – $50,000
We believe these scholarships will help schools accept our promotion. There is a total of $500,000 of scholarships that will be given to universities. It also will benefit the schools if they become the “Healthiest College Campus” because of the potential increase in interest in the school.
“Healthiest College Campus” benefits Fitbit, the students, and the campuses. The promotion benefits Fitbit by increasing sales. Fitbit wants to use the competition
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It has been proven that exercise is linked to getting better grades. A study done by Purdue university found a positive correlation between exercise and average GPA (Neubert). Fitbit could use this information to promote their products even more to the college consumer.
Campuses will benefit from the promotion because it will lead to an increase in student exercise. Campuses can also benefit by winning the scholarships for having the healthiest campus. Winning this award could increase student interest in the campus. Overall, this promotion could benefit all the parties
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Approach Universities about partnership for promotion – The process of getting into all the schools may take a long time. Fitbit will have the four conference leaders and the overall leader for the project approaching the schools. These five individuals will be in close contact to communicate what has and has not worked for them.
Step 2 – Creation
1. Begin purchasing process for TV’s– This will be a big expense for our promotion so we want to explore all the options. Fitbit will allow the TV companies to propose a solution and price.
2. Outsource development of application – Fitbit will outsource the production of the healthiest college campus application. This will allow Fitbit to save money and make a better application by outsourcing compared to hiring software programmers.
3. Create promotional materials – Fitbit will create flyers and posters to help communicate the new promotion. These promotional materials will be strategically placed throughout campuses and be given to the brand ambassadors to distribute.
4. Close deals with universities – We will need to close the deals with the Universities by July 1st to ensure we have time to build the displays at the schools in time for the Fall semester. We will try to promote the benefits to the schools by this date, but if some schools are not willing to partner with Fitbit, we will remove them from the

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