Benefits Of Employee Healthcare Benefits Essay

1090 Words Mar 10th, 2015 null Page
In the last few years, a lot of controversy has arose around employee healthcare benefits; questions such as the quality of benefits a business offers their employees. A benefit is a payment or gift, one makes to help someone, or given by an employer, an insurance company, or a public agency as an aid. Many personally believe that the benefits businesses offer are not quality and that it should be expected while others are just thankful for the options. There are several pros and cons to employee healthcare benefits. Healthcare is a critical part to employee benefit package. Supported research claims that healthcare and time off are the most popular benefits one receives. Every employer needs to consider offering benefits to employees and in some cases they must do it to compete with other businesses for the best, most qualified employees. Also to evade penalties given by the health care reform, benefits should be provided by employers. There are several positives as well as negatives to an employee’s healthcare benefits. One positive out of many would be lower premiums. Employers can secure group health insurance premiums which reduce the cost for each individual employee on a monthly basis because the cost is shared with their fellow colleagues. Also, another positive is that it makes a smaller area for insurance agents to search for adverse selection, which means people with pre-existing conditions can become insured much easier. Normally they would find it…

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