Essay on Benefits Of Effective Teamwork And Collaboration

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With time, this moral force of character has evolved into an unrelenting force enabling me to create opportunity for myself and others beyond what I thought was possible.

My commitment to service fuels my mission to become a doctor. I came to appreciate the benefits of effective teamwork and collaboration as a stimulus of the conceptualization, planning and administration of public health campaigns as a cofounder of the Blue Bra Campaign, a non-profit organization supporting the global health and wellbeing of women across the world. My internship with the International Council on Women’s Health Issues (ICOWHI) Congress exposed me to the logistical, technical, and ethical issues involved launching and advocating global women’s health initiatives. I intend to utilize my medical education to further my efforts to alleviate health disparities that fall along ethnic, socioeconomics, and national lines, especially those of women and children.

Whether through science fair projects, homework, tests, or standardized exams, I have always enjoyed helping others succeed through education. At the University of Florida, I mentored children with learning disabilities and served as a tutor for university athletes. I work hard to infuse my students with an excitement for learning, with an eye to helping them discover their potential and It has helped me develop strong communication skills that enable me to work with others towards a shared goal.
Seeing their unbridled joy reminds me just…

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