Benefits Of Continuing Professional Development Essay

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This assignment discusses and explains the benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for healthcare professionals, patients and the profession itself.
The health care and professional’s council (HCPC) is a regulatory body that protects the public (HCPC, n.d). They go about doing this by keeping a register of health and care professionals who meet their standards for their professional skills and training (HCPC, n.d). They operate by meeting various objectives such as publishing a public register of qualified members of the professions, approving and maintaining CPD, dealing with complaints; in turn taking appropriate action, collaborating with the public and other professional bodies and endorsing awareness of the goals of the council (HCPC, 2012). The HCPC protect the public from professionals who are unfit to practise, and from poor performance from the profession. This is done by setting a list of standards for the health and care professionals to follow (HCPC, 2012). By having these certain standards set and followed, increases the provision of accountability (HCPC, 2012). This ensures the public that the HCPC will investigate, when an issue arises, which means that they rely on them. The standards are all equally important for practice (Narey, 2014).
According to the HCPC, CPD is defined as, ‘a range of learning activities through which health and care professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they retain their…

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