Taking A Look At Community Service

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Community service is one of the things a society needs in order to function well. It not only helps the community but also benefits an individual volunteer in a lot of ways. Although community service benefits all age groups, I think young people will benefit the most. Since it is voluntary to do community service, many young people choose not to do it and therefore loss the benefits of being a volunteer and the community will loss the benefits it would have gained if those people volunteered. Since the young generation is the future of the country and is the most active in the labor force, society can benefit a lot, if young people volunteer. Graduating from high school is a big step. It is where students will be active in the labor force. It is at this point that a student should develop work skills a lot more. Community service is a great way to earn work and life skills. Considering this, everyone should be required to do community service at the age of 18.

For a high school graduate or anyone who is 18, it is
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It not only helps the community but also the individual doing community service. People can benefit a lot from the experience gained through community service and use it in future life. A year of community service will greatly help in making a person develop work skills. It will offer a chance to work with specific organization of interest and increase communication skills. Community work creates confident and responsible citizens. Above all this, the satisfaction gained from community service is priceless. Organizations that rely on community service will also benefit. Since they will have enough volunteers to help them on a daily basis, they will function more effectively and impact the society greater .The more effective our community organizations are, the better the society will do. Generally, making community service compulsory is necessary for the common good of a society as a

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