Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Your Baby Essay

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Ever since you became a mother everyone has been raving about breastfeeding; your mother does it, your neighborhood aunty does it, your best friend does it and when you go to online forums, they too do the same. However, none of these sources tell you the exact reasons why you should breastfeed, other than this oft repeated categorical statement: “It is good for you and your baby”. Yes, that is true. Only a few things in this world benefit both the giver and the taker alike, breastfeeding is one among them. It benefits you and your baby equally, that too in numerous ways. If no one has told you the many reasons why your little one should be breastfed, read on:

Benefits of breastfeeding for your baby

Breastmilk is an ideal mix of all nutrients that your baby requires for her growth and development.
It is best suited for your baby’s intestines and is easily digestible. The digestibility of breastmilk makes breastfed babies less prone to constipation and other tummy troubles.
Breastmilk contains antibodies and it has anti-infective properties. As a result, incidence of colds, gastroenteritis, urinary infections and ear infections are less in babies who are breastfed.
Various studies have shown that breastfed babies are less prone to respiratory illnesses, stomach viruses and meningitis. The severity of such illnesses is less even if they do occur.
The risk of your baby getting allergies are reduced if you breastfeed her. Allergic reactions such as asthma and eczema are less…

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