Breastfeeding Should Be Allowed In Public Schools

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Breastfeeding is normal and most people and doctors would agree that it is extremely beneficial to both the mother and the baby, yet if a mother decides to preform this perfectly normal and natural act in public people find it offensive. Despite the fact that a mother is caring for her child and making sure the child remains healthy, some people still disagree. Breastfeeding should be as normal to society as a mother feeding her child with a bottle. Breastfeeding should be allowed in public places without making the mothers feel ashamed.

When a mother breastfeeds, it provides extreme health benefits to both the babies and mothers. Breast milk contains antibodies that help to prevent Asthma, childhood leukemia, childhood obesity, ear infections,
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Think about it, men can walk around without a shirt whenever they want and as long as they do not enter a store like this no one looks at them twice, but when someone sees a mother feeding her child everyone loses their mind. She may not even be exposed but for some reason it is so much worse for a mother to care for her child then for a man to walk around without a shirt. By discriminating against women and shaming them for this it says that feeding your child is not as important as that guy 's right to remove his shirt because he is feeling a little hot. This type of oppression is physically and emotionally tolling for a mother. Mothers should not have to leave a table in a restaurant or interrupt a day out with her other children and take her children to an unsanitary bathroom to breastfeed. Mothers should not be subjected to not being fully apart of society just because they have an infant. Not to mention the build up of breast can be terribly harmful to a mother that may not be in a position to find a hidden area to feed her infant, because if she did so in the open someone might be offended by her caring for her child in that manor. By oppressing and shaming mothers like this it is being said that they 're rights are not as important as someone else 's just because they brought a life into the world. Breastfeeding is not something to feel ashamed about it should be allowed in public the same as men and even other women are allowed to walk around half naked anytime they please just because it looks

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