Breast Feeding Essay

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Is Breast Best?
“What are the Risks Associated with Formula Feeding? A Re-Analysis and Review” In this article, Melinda E. McNiel, Mirriam H. Labbok, and Sheryl W. Abrahams evaluate the ins and outs of formula feeding in contrast to breast feeding. One of the main subjects brought to the attention of the readers of this article is the fact that formula feeding is considered the “normal” or “standard” and breast feeding is considered “ideal”. The way society views normal has a large impact on the decision to breast feed or to formula feed.
Breast feeding is strongly recommended for the first 6 months of an infant’s life. Breast feeding has been proven to have major health benefits to both the mother and the baby. In babies, breast feeding lowers the odds of Otitis Media, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and Atopic Dermatitis. There has also been a correlation between formula feeding and infants having lower repertory infections; which is one of the main causes of hospitalization in infants.
The public does not take the benefits of breast feeding seriously and a major way to do the is to change the common perceptions of breast feeding. Breast feeding is optimal and yet many women still choose to formula feed. A way to increase the number of mother’s breast feeding is to rephrase the statistics.
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Breastfeeding helps to establish an effective immune system in infants from an early age, it also has been proven to lower the likelihood of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In mothers who choose to breastfeed for 1 year, breastfeeding has been linked to: a reduced chance of breast cancer and some reproductive cancers, a reduced chance of type 2 diabetes, and a reduced chance of cardiovascular disease. it is also proven to help ease postpartum depression and rheumatoid

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