Benefits Of Breastfeeding And Brain Development

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Breastfeeding infants instead of using formula can improve brain development in many different areas. In the article Breastfeeding Boots the Brain Development of a Baby, the article states that breastfeeding can help develop white matter in the brain of infants. This growth in white matter also lead to better performance in areas like language, visual perception and motor control. White matter is a type of tissue in the brain and spinal cord made up of nerve fibers, some may even characterize white matter as the information highway of the brain. The article tries to show the effective use of breastfeeding compared to modern formulated nutrition for infants.
In the study, the researchers looked at the growth of about 133 babies using magnetic
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Both the World Health Organization and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund believe and promote breastfeeding as the best way to be able to improve both health and development in infants. The first thing that was stated that children that are not breastfed have a increased rate of mortality in the first several years of life. Also, children that are breastfed for longer than 6 months have about a 3 to 5 point increase in IQ. Several studies in both Brazil and Singapore has showed a positive relation in breastfeeding and cognitive development. There has been a huge debate on the relationship between breastfeeding and lower rates of obesity. There has been several reports in China about the epidemic of obesity due to the popularization of formula. This epidemic is hard to categorize because an issue with criteria classification and self-reported data. IT will also be unethical to promote a research study. “The long-term benefits to mothers include reduced rates of ovarian cancer, reduced premenopausal breast cancer, and reduced obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.” Many studies has found a common relationship between never breastfeeding and disease or illness. For example, the European Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition found that mothers that breastfeeds an infant reduced the risk for the infant dying over the following years. There is a substantial amount of evidence that connects breastfeeding and beneficial outcomes for both mothers and

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