Athleticism: The Benefits Of Being An Athlete

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When people take physical care of their bodies, their minds are able to follow the positive pattern, and that allows students to thrive academically. “Physical activity and fitness would, at best, make a modest contribution to academic performance” (Dwyer T, Blizzard L, Dean K). It only makes sense that the students who are engaged athletically are also engaged academically. According to the Primary Care Companion, one benefit of regular physical activity is increased energy and reduced tiredness that can increase mental awareness. Because of these benifits, ones work performance in the classroom can be extremely impacted.
Not only are numerous physical health benefits received, but also being a part of an athletic team can play a therapeutic role as it offers psychological benefits. Being an athlete provides several valuable and unique opportunities to make people the best versions of themselves, while improving their way of living. “Athletics provides one of the few enterprises in academia where a group of individuals can strive together through adversity toward a
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Any true athlete, whether former or current, would be able to list numerus benefits that come from their sport and their athletic career. This part of life is something that teaches people so much more than just how to score enough points to win the game or how to play unstoppable defense. Being an athlete is an unforgettable experience that teaches people how to work hard, how to compete, how to be fully dedicated, how to be a leader, and how to properly balance time. It teaches how to sacrifice, how to persevere, and how to appreciate. These are all values that are hard to lean and hard to obtain. The fact that people can receive them through something so common and available is truly something that should be recognized. Student – athletes are figuring life out in a healthy way, the right

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