Benefits Of Being A Veterinarian Essay

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With the growing job outlook for veterinarians, there are many benefits of choosing this occupation. Vets get great medical, dental and vision coverage (veterinarian salary & benefits information). Veterinarians receive paid sick leave and a paid vacation of two-four weeks. Over the next ten years, there is a positive outlook of over twelve percent growth (veterinarian salary & benefits information). The whole purpose of being a veterinarian is to work with animals and bring them back to health; it is a benefit to be able to work with animals and see the progress they make in the journey to full recovery. Most vets typically work with house pets; such as dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, hamsters and even mice. Every home is different and some people might even have snakes as a pet; snakes are animals too and they need care just like dogs and cats do. There are vets that work with livestock; the veterinarian drives out to the farm or ranch to examine the livestock and provide medical care to those that need it. An individual could also be an aquatic animal vet and work at aquariums or even at SeaWorld to care for the aquatic life there. Zoos hold many numerous exotic animals that are available for a vet to provide care. The amount of animals for a vet to provide care for is endless; students just have to decide what types of animals they want to work with. As mentioned before, most veterinarians work with domestic pets. Domestic animals are cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, and…

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