Summary Of The Globalization Of Animal Welfare

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The article, “The Globalization of Animal Welfare: More Food Does Not Require More Suffering”, written by Miyun Park and Peter Singer, poses an important ethical argument. Within the reading, Park and Singer discuss the excessive mistreatment of animals. After reading the disgusting facts and information about this topic, I will argue that animals that are raised for food need better welfare because it will be beneficial to the animals and the consumers. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that any human species should not be excluded from moral concerns (Park and Singer 28). This statement, though, excluded the concerns about nonhuman animals. The reality is, though, that any organism that can feel pain like humans should qualify to be targets of concern. This article goes into depth about a Chinese philosopher who is dedicated to the idea that compassion is a feeling that should be shared with all beings. It …show more content…
To back this, the article states that “animal welfare is important for commercial reasons, both directly, by increasing a businesses’ overall sustainability, and indirectly, by addressing society’s expectations of how animals should be treated and how food should be produced” (Park and Singer 31). There is an apparent sense of urgency when it comes to the issues surrounding animal welfare. Animals are being kept in intensive confinement areas, spreading diseases and unable to grow properly. This not only affects the animals, but also the welfare of them, the health of humans, and the resources of the planet. By the end, this article states that no matter who you are and what your occupation is, we all have a moral obligation to fix the problems surrounding the welfare of animals (Park and Singer 31). Globally, confinement animal agriculture and animal suffering are obvious

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