Essay on Benefits Of Being A Recreational Therapist

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A recreational therapist plans, directs,and coordinates treatments for people with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses. They do activities with the patience such as arts and crafts, music, dancing, aquatics, and also some sports. Recreational therapists work in places like hospitals, nursing facilities, retirement homes, etc. The qualities needed to be a recreational therapist are: social skills, listening abilities,and being able to instruct a person. A person whose strength is listening, would be good at this job. To become a recreational therapist a person needs to graduate with a bachelor 's degree and have some intern experiences. Recreational therapists get paid $42,280 a year, and $20 an hour. The amount of pay can also increase the longer a person is working. The given benefits of being a recreational therapist would be health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, and life insurance. The best and most recommended place to be a recreational therapist happens to be in California. In California, there are more job opening and get paid higher than other states. The job projections for a recreational therapist increase faster than average, at 12%. The number of job availability changes but right now it lingers around 19,000. A benefit to this job centers around the flexibility. A person can work part time or full time and that can help with someone who has more than one job. They also have very flexible schedules and great hours. A person needs to be dedicated if…

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