Essay On Becoming A Nurse

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Growing up over the years, nursing has always been a career that was greatly pushed towards the females in the family. Many of my aunts and cousins have completed the RN (Registered Nurse) program. They currently work in doctors ' offices, Western Maryland Hospital, and in some schools as well. Becoming an RN has always been a goal of mine. Having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life would be inspiring for anyone, and getting the chance to save a life would make any job worthwhile. Along with the great satisfaction of saving a life, as a nurse, you also make a good amount of money as well. Nurses salary 's vary anywhere from 52,000$ up to 72,000$ depending on the amount of experience you have, and how well you perform at your job. You always have the chance to get a higher salary by completing higher nursing or medical career degrees. You will always have higher career opportunities that you can achieve by continuing your education. With 2 or 4 years of professional education, you are able to work alongside top medical professionals and contribute your help in healthcare. If something goes wrong with a patient you as a nurse are not the one liable, the doctor is. With that being said, it does not give you the right to purposely mess something up though. When a …show more content…
I 'd be doing something I love, and am passionate about. I would get to enrich my life experiences and make long lasting relationships with wonderful unique people. People would look to me for help and I 'd be able to help them to the best of my ability. Since I 've gotten the opportunity to work in a nursing home during my time at the Bedford County Technical Center, I got the chance to see that being a nurse doesn 't seem like work at all. Since I 'd be doing something I love, it 'd be wonderful and never a bad time. Becoming a nurse has many benefits and is a wonderful career choice for not only females but males as

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