Benefits Of A Online Class Essay

803 Words Oct 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to mention about outcomes of the online class that I have taken under your guidance and which has helped me gained knowledge which will help me in my future jobs and current academia.

Online class was definitely a challenge itself but following your instructions made it more smooth and easy. You made every point clear from the very first day of the class and that was something I liked about taking a class online especially with you. There were several things that I gained enormous knowledge from, which included readings, assignments and discussions.

The very first thing that we did as a class was to introduce ourselves which was beneficial as it made me some new friends. In the same week we were assigned to read and learn what technical writings is and the goals of technical writing. We also discussed what kind of writing my class mates were interested in and also the new thing they learned through the readings. It evoked a sense of learning more about these subject in me.

The next week was to learn about the ethics in technical writing. Ethics is something that has different meaning to every different personnel and thus I learned about different viewpoints. Now this was a stepping stone to understand the audience and learn to convey our message to them. Pondering upon the views on Coca-Cola ads helped me understand divergent views. Moreover we learned what kind of technical document would our fellow beings like to see…

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