Benefits Of A New Dog Essay

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Adopt, Don’t Shop; Recalling An Experience

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that dog, their world is changed forever. Many people looking to acquire a new pet for their household generally have an idea on what type, breed, color, age, or temperament they want in their animal. The most common is people, when looking for a new dog, want a specific breed, such as a Pomeranian or Mastiff. I had been the same way when my family and I started looking for a new dog, initially we looked at Great Danes, then German Shepherds, and other miscellaneous large breeds thrown in as well. What we didn’t realize is that instead of looking for a specific breed, we should’ve been looking for a dog whose personality fit in with our family, which is exactly what we found in our rescue dog Stewie.

On September 26, 2014, my sister and I drove to Brainerd without really having a plan on what to do for the day. Without any plans, we decided that stopping at HART to look at the animals to get a feel for what they had there. Once there we stopped in to look at the cat rooms, playing with and cuddling random cats for some time, and then moved on to the dog room. Inside the dog room, there had been around eight to ten dogs, in four by six pens with many of those dogs being older, already adopted, or too small for what my family wanted. The room was filled with the sounds of barking and playing dogs, and the clean smell of well kept animals and pens. Most of the dogs in the…

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