Benefits Of A Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program Essay

1330 Words Sep 7th, 2015 null Page
Discussion Employers who provide comprehensive workplace wellness programs to their employees recognize the increased productivity and other benefits that come from workers who are encouraged to pursue both physical and mental health. The emphasis on personal health and wellness seems to have taken center stage with the development of technology that tracks our movements, meals, and general activity throughout each day. These tools assist those who are motivated to pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle; adding not only to their longevity, but enhancing the quality of the years that they live. Many employers have now realized the multiple benefits to providing their employees with incentives to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, encouraging and rewarding those who take care of themselves in a variety of ways. While employees may feel that they are receiving the rewards, it is truly the company who benefits with decreased absenteeism, higher productivity, and lower insurance premiums.
Benefits to employees A comprehensive workplace wellness program can provide employees who work long hours with an opportunity to improve their health when their otherwise busy schedule may seem to be a hindrance to exercise, a healthy diet, and health screenings. In general, employees who take part in an employer sponsored wellness program are better able to manage chronic health conditions, learn more about their disease process, and may find a support system that they had previously…

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