What Value Do You Place On The Health And Wellness Of Members Of The Wauchula Police Department Case Study

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What value do you place on the health and wellness of members of the Wauchula Police Department? According to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, there were 1,439 law enforcement deaths, nationwide, in the past decade (2006 – 2015). The top 3 causes of death are as follows:

Cause of Death (2006 – 2015) Number of Deaths Overall Percentage
Shooting 521 36.2%
Auto Accident 408 28.3%
Job-Related Illness 199 13.8%

In 2015, there were 123 law enforcement deaths. The same top 3 causes of death were witnessed and are as follows:
Causes of Death (2015) Number of Deaths Overall Percentage
Shooting 41 33.3%
Auto Accident 34 27.6%
Job-Related Illness 22 17.8%

As outlined, job-related illnesses are the 3rd leading cause of law enforcement
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The National Health Underwriters Association (NHUA) defines wellness as “An active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices (healthy choices) that lead toward a longer and more successful existence.” The NHUA defines a wellness program as “Specific programs implemented to promote good health, prevent disease and manage existing chronic medical conditions.” A key component of a successful wellness program is the identification of those employees who have serious medical issues or chronic diseases. The methods used to identify those employees would be conducted through the …show more content…
The importance of physical fitness and nutrition has been incorporated into every recruit academy course for both law enforcement and corrections in the State of Florida. This component of training was included several years ago, as a standard part of the curriculum approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC). The CJSTC understood new officers exiting the academy must be able to perform the essential job tasks required of officers not only to ensure their safety but also to provide for the safety of the community. Unfortunately, once completing the recruit academy, training and activities of life get in the way and over time officers witness a gradual decline in their physical fitness and health. As such, it is imperative we provide support, encouragement and incentives to maintain physical fitness proficiency just as much as we require proficiency in firearms. Due to this gradual decline in physical fitness there would be a Physical Agility Test incorporated into the wellness program for all sworn members of the Wauchula Police

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