Benefits And Effect Of Recruitment Essay

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Vacancy is the main reason for recruitment planning. Vacancy is caused by employee leaving because of the downsizing and restructuring of the company or retiring temporarily, increased volume of business, different work, maternity cover, sickness.
To solve the vacancy problem recruitment is essential. Recruitment process has very important influence to the business. The organization should make advantages and effects from recruitment process. The type of recruitment can be divided to internal recruitment and external recruitment. Most of the recruitment process is usually organized with this order; Job analysis which considers job specification and job description then job advertisement and then applications are short listed then then go for interview. It is different from company to company.
External recruitment is a useful way to search for job candidates, other than existing staff. From external recruitment organizations can hire people with new talents, high qualities and more experiences from larger pool. External recruitment provides an opportunity to motivate the current employees to performance well on further projects. But external recruitment can take longer time to fill in the vacancy because the process of the recruitment is usually longer than internal recruitment. By doing external recruitment, people currently working in that organization may that their opportunities for new positions are damaged then productivity can also decrease. Also it takes more time…

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