Benefits and Challenges of International Education Essay

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Tianyu Liu
Michael Rovasio
ENG 1002-02
Dec 4 2012 Benefits and Challenges of International Education
As U.S government provide more opportunities for international student to study in U.S, the education of international students in US universities has grown greatly over recent years and California has very high ratio of international students to local students. A question comes up into my mind that should students study abroad? If the answer is yes, what are the benefits on both side of international students and local students? According to Byrd, many U.S colleges and universities have received international students into their programs without thinking about what they were doing. (Byrd 1) What
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The absence of familiar characteristic and will make them feel lonely. Because of the culture difference, it is also hard for native people to understand them. They will be excluded by surrounding and feel more helpless. In order to integrate into the society, Natalia suggests that international students can volunteer in some social events. Reading more newspapers and magazines also can be helpful in learning language and getting familiar with the environment and people. As time goes by, homesickness and culture shock will gradually disappear and students will love the place they live. Natalia also greatly encourage students to study abroad despite these challenges since there are so many benefits which will make them grow. (Natalia Brophy 1)
Family and study Basic on Teshome’ study, many elder international students’ spouses always experience social isolation, economic shortage and emotional struggles. When their husband studies in college, they only have few places to go, such as volunteer groups and church. They do not want to stay in a volunteer groups and learning the same thing every day. What they really want is to get involved in something more challenging than these which will certify their academic achievements. On the other hand, they also need to taking care of their children, but they do not have any relatives or income to support. Thus institutions should help international students’ family to get familiar with the society and provide

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