Friends Of Internationals

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As the president of Friends of Internationals, Emily Wilcox has to face numerous challenges to keep “Friends of Internationals” running. “Everything is kind of a financial problem because we don’t have any money,” says Emily. The Friends of Internationals is a not-for-profit club that provides physical and emotional needs to international students. These needs include helping international students find a job inside the campus, furniture, housing, and more. Emily, as the president of the club, has to take all the responsibility and has to fulfill international students’ needs if they have any. The Friends of Internationals has six honor executives, six board of officials members, and one hundred and seventeen members. This club is not …show more content…
She is involved in church, where she teaches English to kids and helps old and poor people. Through the church, she goes on mission trips every summer and helps impoverished people. “Last summer, I went to Mississippi to help impoverished communities,” says Emily. She states that being Christian is a motivation to show people love. Emily joined Southeastern Louisiana University to get a degree in communication; however, she changed her major to Sociology for the sake of her passion to help people. “I started off as a communication major because I thought I could advocate for people, but once I found out about sociology and how much you get to live with people, and after I got to know international students, I was like I want to do my rest of my life helping people,” says Emily. There are many international students in the Friends of Internationals club. Every student at some point asks Emily for her help. Emily, regardless of her busy schedule in college, helps international students. “Not having enough time, sometimes, I get so overwhelmed and I am not able to do that much. If there are a lot of demands and you don’t get to know each other. That’s hard”, says Emily. Searching jobs inside the campus, finding furniture, and finding shelter for international student takes a lot of Emily’s

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