Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Plants

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The Benefits of plants is that it is an overall a more efficient way to process. There are a significant higher number of nutrients, yields, and stress tolerance; in turn developing a higher immunity to disease, pests, and herbicides. In animals, it produces a higher immunity, larger amount and greater thickness, resulting in better and more quantity of meat, eggs, and milk. Over time, this had led to better animal health and more diagnostic methods. The main controversies involve safety, property and ethics. This method is not too secure considering the human risk, including allergens that transfer antibiotic resistance markers causing unknown effects. Not to mention the environmental risk, including the accidental transfer of transgenes through cross-pollination. Eventually, this world food production will be dominated by only a couple companies and the dependence on industrialized nations will greatly be increased. Some feel this is also a violation of ethics, because the natural organisms ' values are being “messed” with by mixing genes from other alike species creating animal genes in plants and plant genes in animals causing an increasing amount of stress for the animal. Most of the time I try to eat organic, but like most Americans I’ve been consuming genetically modified foods for the past 19 years. It’s hard not to …show more content…
Not only is this way of producing meat more humane than killing animals, it is the only feasible way to feed more meat to the world. Frankly I would not eat this meat because it looks disgusting not to mention the impact it will have. Slaughter of animals happens for certain reasons, taking the cow for example; They need to birth calves in order to produce milk, milk is not an endless supply so they birth more calves, calves grow into cows and create more calves. If you don 't slaughter cows, then costs sky rocket and so does the

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