Analysis Of Michael Pollan's The Botany Of Desire

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Most of us never think about the food we eat. How is it made? Where does it come from? What exactly is in it? Is it safe to eat? Sometimes the best answer to those questions is no answer at all. Some of us may not even care, some will. It’s all about the perspective of the person. No answer is wrong. In the book The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan writes about a potato called the NewLeaf. The NewLeaf potato isn’t like any other kind of ordinary potato. It’s a genetically engineered potato that we humans have created ourselves. We defied and ignored part of Mother Nature’s purpose, and began our own practice of growing plants that fit our liking. Except, it doesn’t fit everyone’s liking in this world. Though it may be easier, more efficient, …show more content…
A lot of the fruits, such as apples are covered in pesticide when you go and buy one. It is to help keep insects and such from ruining them, but the pesticide isn’t exactly the healthiest thing for us either. A lot of people choose to ignore that and eat it anyway; many are very opposed and like to stick to organic. Pollan’s essay talks about how he and other gardeners like to plant and be in charge of their crops so they know what is being made, he says, “I tell myself, I alone determine which species will thrive and which will disappear. I’m in charge here…Even our grammar makes the terms of this relationship perfectly clear: I choose the plants, I pull the weeds, I harvest the crops” (Pollan xvi). The thing is, the EPA wouldn’t approve and sell food to you if it was really that bad for your health. The best part is that since science and technology keeps growing and becoming more and more advanced, genetic engineering of plants and everything else is going to keep getting better and more beneficial for not only the human race but other forms of life as well. They are always working and finding new ways that will outdo their last breakthrough and discover something even better. One of the biggest points is that genetic engineering isn’t going to go away. It is something in science that is going to be around forever. As previously stated, scientists are always looking for new ways to improve upon their last experiment and create something that makes their last project seem obsolete. One day there is going to be a plant and food source that’s genetically modified, but is going to be completely harmless and healthier/safer than any plant we have ever seen before. Scientists aren’t there yet, but we can’t all together go against genetic engineering because some plants

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