Ben&Jerry Marketing Plan Essay

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Company Brief History
Ben & Jerry’s (B&J) Ice Cream first started in 1978, where their very first scoop shop opened in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont. It was founded by two friends, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who started the business out of their passion for eating.
It has slowly expanded its scoop shops to other states and started distributing its ice-creams in pints.

In 1988, B&J introduced its 3-part mission statement which shows their desire and dedication to being socially and environmentally responsible in running its business.

B&J also produces its ice-creams from fresh Vermont milk and cream. With its funky and interesting themes and its high quality ice-cream at affordable
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2. SITUATION ANALYSIS 2.1 Marketing Environment 2.1.1 Company Macroenvironment Demographics
Singapore is facing an aging population. The largest age group is between 40 and 49 with a decreasing population ratio going down the age group. (Singapore Department of Statistics 2009, p. 41)
Figure Population Age Pyramid

In a few years time, there will be an increasing amount of matured adults (30-49 yrs old) as compared to teenagers. There is also a growing trend of couples with double-income and no kids (DINKS).

Majority of the population belong to low-middle and mid-middle class. Therefore, a large portion of the population spends more on primary needs like food and clothing. Singaporeans are predominantly Chinese (Singapore Department of Statistics 2009, p. 42), therefore the potential consumers of B&J is still very substantial even though it is non-halal.

Figure Population Distribution Economic
Singapore is currently going through a recession (-3.3% GDP in Q2 as compared to Q2 2008).
Figure GDP at Current Market Prices

Even though the economy is showing signs of improvement (Q1’s GDP of -9.1% as compared to Q1 2008), consumers may still wary of the tough times ahead, which will

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