Belief and Support of Human Capital: Case Study Analysis of Whole Foods

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Lella McLemore
Duane Saari
BME-214614-04 Organizational Behavior
18 February 2013
Belief and Support of Human Capital: Case Study Analysis of Whole Foods
What role, if any, does McGregor’s Theory Y play at Whole Foods? Explain? The primary focus of this case study analysis shall be to examine the methods of Whole Food’s distinctive approach and development to the implementation of creative management strategies and how they can continue to successfully help them to maintain growth in their company. The underscoring premise of McGregor’s Theory Y primarily rest on the assumption that that the role of management is develop the potential of their employees and help them to realize their potential to meet the common goals of their
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Through conscious effort Mackey knows what human capital is worth and how important it is to utilize it. He seems to have embraced and realizes that through helping Whole Foods Market workers to flourish and by keeping them happy, that such an environment leads to happy customers, better business, and more profits.
How does Whole Foods build human and social capital? Whole Foods Market maximizes it management resources by investing in human and social capital. One of the ways that Whole Foods accomplishes this is by employing good workers and proving them with a solid training base. The company encourages open lines of communication with all of their employees. In the direct application of McGregor’s Theory Y Whole Foods encourages creativity, ingenuity, and imagination amongst its entire employee population in an effort to solve its organizational problems (Steward, 2010). In short, Whole Foods relies upon its investment in the human and social capital potential of its workforce to help the company flourish. Mackey believes in that “free enterprise[->0] capitalism has been the most powerful creative system of social cooperation and human progress ever conceived” and that Whole Foods has an obligation to “demonstrate to a skeptical world the truth, goodness and heroism

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