Being Raised By A Single Parent Essay

773 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Being raised by a single parent, I feel my expectations are more extreme in my relationships compared to a person who was raised in a two-parent household.
My mom taught me to never count on anyone, let alone a man to get things done. Growing up without a male figure in our house me and my sister learned how to do things a man would normally do; I know very sexist of me. Our mother expected so much from us it was hard to differentiate our roles from what a woman should do and what a man should do. We learned to do it all. So, growing up I have that same mentality, while I feel that it has given me some good qualities in my past and current relationships I know that I have some bad qualities too. Do I blame my mother for a lot of my disappointments in life, yes I did? As an adult, I look back and realize the blame can only be so much on her and that for me to grow as a person I needed to own up to my own failures and take responsibility for my decisions in my life.
My mother never allowed me to date in high school or let alone be out of her sight for five minutes. So of course, when I turned eighteen all hell broke loose. I was the perfect example of a wild child. Staying out late, going to parties with older people, drinking underage, you name it I did it. So, naturally after I graduated high school I go for the first boy I met. Thinking back now I wished I had listened to my mom it sure would have saved me from a lot of heartache and disappointments in my life then and…

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