Being Free From Danger And Threats Essay example

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Security; being free from danger and threats, has existed as a humanistic desire for as long as humans felt emotions. Obtaining a sense of security was the driving force behind China’s Great Wall. It curated the creation and growth of all the great armies of the world. It is why we pay hundreds of dollars a year to have our houses monitored, our cars insured, and our families protected. It is also why businesses spend millions of dollars to keep their personal and customers’ information safe. However, as history reveals over and over again, even the greatest security features fail. The Mongols were able to invade Northern China, houses are constantly broken into, and customer information is always being stolen from major corporations. While some security failures are simply a flaw in the system design, human negligence can be attributed to many breakdowns in an attentive system. It is for this reason, focusing on corporate-centered system, that designing and maintaining a flawless security structure requires both the technical and social dexterity of an organization. Just like any thriving, fully functioning system, an organization’s security system needs to be planned with the expectations of future development and possible failure. In the study conducted by Susanto, Almunawar, and Tuan (2011), since “there is no single formula that can guarantee 100% of information security,” there must be standards set to establish a viable level of security within an organization (p…

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