Face Recognition Biometrics

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This powerpoint presentation will define biometrics and present the argument for implementing authentication biometrics as an additional security measure for the organization. The presentation will evaluate each of the listed methods identifying the pros and cons of each system. Additionally, information regarding the costs associated with implementation and maintenance, and the error rate of each will be included in this presentation. Security authorization and identity have become one of the major ways that cybercriminals can attack and cause threats. If identity and security authorization with compromised credentials being a significant enabler in successful attacks.
Organizations are required to implement reliable
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The software algorithms must be precise for the quality and the size of the images to work well. The video scanning tools are of a lower quality which is noticeable. And, often the size or resolutions are not of high quality.
The angle of the face has a profound influence on the validity of face authentication biometrics. Multiple angles must be used in the profile for recognition and if not used affects the algorithms. Another limitation for face recognition is the processing and storage. The space required for images is significant. There are limitations to data transfer of the facial images over a network has processing restrictions.
Some suggestions to improve the limitations is to change how facial images are captured. Technology is improving, and higher-definition cameras and videos are available. Additionally, computer networks are more secure and can process more data faster. Facial recognition biometric algorithms will be better able to pick out faces from an image and recognize profiles faster with more validity.

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It is simple to use and the data is easier to collect. It has been described as less intrusive that regular fingerprinting and environmental factor are not an issue. However, this biometric authentication is not unique and is not ideal for identification systems. The data size of hand geometry is huge, and data storage capacity for most organizations will probably need to be increased. Although this system is easy to use and less expensive than the others, there are some limitations. However, it is easy to collect this data. Again, this method is easy to use and is less expensive. The data collection for this method is easy and factors such as whether or not a person has arthritis or clean hands is not an issue. Hand Geometry Biometrics is also less intrusive than regular fingerprinting and the iris scans and retinal scans. There are many benefits to the hand geometry biometrics, and this method should probably be considered to be blended with some other form of

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