Being Arrested On A College Application Essay

795 Words Nov 6th, 2015 4 Pages
January 13, 2014 was a significant date that will definitely go down in the books!
I was arrested for trespassing at my ex-husbands house. It had been a normal routine for over the last 10 years when it was my turn to have the kids. However, this time it wasn 't even close to normal.
You may be asking yourself; "why would anyone in the world write about being arrested on a college application"?
I chose to write about this day, as I have found courage, strength, and God 's goodness through it all!
It 's been over a decade now that I 've been a single mom of four. Two of my children just graduated from college. One from CCU and the other at Saint John 's in Minnesota. My only girl is an upcoming Senior and my baby (still my baby, even though he 's 13) will be in Middle School. While I was married it was absolutely horrific. Each year got more and more abusive and intensified out of control.
Before I got married, I remember a voice telling me; "Don 't go there, Don 't go there"!
Then, I was not a follower of Christ. I knew there was a God, but didn 't know how to have a relationship with HIM. When I heard "that voice", back then I thought it was just my "inner voice" speaking! Justifying why I was going there and arguing with the voice inside me I 'll never forget saying, "I 'm going to do it my way"! As soon as I said that to myself I literally felt something come off me. I then heard "that voice" for the last time saying, "I was not ready and when I was HE would be…

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