Being A Youth Worker For A Concert Essay

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My church has many opportunities to get involved, while looking at theses opportunities I chose the ones that fit myself best. These consist of being a youth worker in the nursery and participating in teaching sunday school during church services. If I could change anything it would be to volunteer more in the kitchen and in the summer programs. This would let me fellowship and grow with other believers. This summer I worked as a youth worker for a concert where I helped prepare food and brought it to the bands playing at my church.

During the course of being a youth worker in the nursery I have volunteered from the beginning of my eighth grade year to present day. As a nursery worker I am required to arrive 15 minutes before the service starts and go in as needed wich is usually once a month. Nursery usually lasts for an hour and 45 minutes which is the same amount of time for sunday school. I am a youth worker that helps my parents watch children when it is their turn to do sunday school. Both of these activities has grown me as a person

Before I become a youth worker I was an introvert being shy and to myself, after a few months started to come out of my shy characteristics and begin to talk to parents who asked questions. This became helpful when I began my classes at the vocational school in Bath, Maine. My area of study from my junior year till this year is the early childhood education course wich enables students to develop skills in teaching young children. In…

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