Being A Kid I Had Found Reading And Writing Essay example

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Being a kid I had found reading and writing to be enjoyable. In my childhood my grandmother would read to me all the time. She would read all kinds of different books; such as Charlotte 's Web, Little House On the Prairie, and Sesame Street. Charlotte 's Web was one of my all time favorite books. While I got a little older I had started a Diary and every day I would write about my good days and my bad days, people, my life, and what I wanted to be in the future. I had also owned a journal entry where I would scribble down random thoughts and ideas, write all different kinds of stories and even poems.
My first year of kindergarten came and like all kindergartner 's they look at that year has being full of fun, naps, and food. That is the year when children start learning all the basics of their reading and writing skills. Then first grade came, then second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifith grade, and finally sixth grade; meanwhile after completing all those grades, I had developed more than just reading and writing skills, I had developed knowledge. Reading and writing are critical skills and every kid learns different. For me, I learn very slowly, so even by my sixth grade year going on to middle school I still struggled with writing skills. Throughout middleschool, English was never my best subject, but I always gave it my best effort. English classes throughout my seventh and eighth grade year were more of reading and comprehending what you read; as opposed to…

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