Being A High School Student Essay

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Being a high school student, who is expected to be the perfect worker bee, I am required to hump around a ten-pound backpack through the halls of a school that smells of sweat and hormones. My backpack, black with polkadots and covered in buttons, is six years old, and has yet to snap under the pressure of - one AP U.S. history book (which I never use,) one chromebook that cost me ten dollars and can’t charge a phone for anything; two broken pencils, dry markers, loose papers with sloppy handwriting from near carpal tunnel, one eraser, a pack of gum, hair-ties, deodorant, candy wrappers, spilled cornflakes, $15 Victoria Secret perfume, a can of ravioli that lacks both nutrition and deliciousness, eyeliner for when I’m running late because I was up past 2 am, and a note explaining that “Acadia stayed after class for make-up work,” signed with a 12:23 pm. These things I pack and repack everyday with the expectation I will need them for one thing or another. My aching back attempts to hold them up, while I try to straighten it and carry self-confidence. Confidence I will turn in that essay. Confidence that I will finally bring my grades up. Confidence that my shirt isn’t that dirty and it matches the rest of my outfit. I carry with this self-confidence that I can live up to certain expectations. Before I became a high school student, I would stare at my step-mother’s cap and gown with awe, the silk threads dancing with light. My mother would sit me on her lap and tell me…

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