Being A Disorganized Person By Nature Essay example

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This is probably sounds a bit cliché, but as an ambitious young woman who wants to succeed in the future, I have a barrage of objectives which I plan to complete in certain amounts of time. With some goals, like graduating from high school and college, I have to wait until the time comes, making the best of my situation in the meanwhile. Luckily with others, I can be more proactive and achieve them in a shorter amount of time than others.

Let 's start of simple, shall we? As a human being, I have many little flaws which I intend to work on. Being a disorganized person by nature, I plan to be able to be more orderly at least before I go to college. By that I mean be generally tidier, plan my schedule in a more structured way, and trivial stuff of the sort. Of course, it won 't be the end of my world if I am not completely perfect at orderliness by the time I leave home, but it would make me feel better and more accomplished of myself.

But all pettiness aside, I do have a few more serious, relatively short-term goals, and they are all pretty similar.Firstly, I really hope I pass all my AP tests this upcoming May. Besides possibly clearing some college credits for me in the future, it shows me that I actually learned something and that I didn 't spend a whole year in a class just vegetating there. Another goal that is admittedly closely linked to this one is to pass all my classes with better grades than this past semester. Sure, there may be nothing to do about my…

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