Essay about Behavioral Alternatives For Children 's Behavior

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Behavioral Alternatives
If you have been a direct care staff long enough to form positive relationships with the children, this connections will help you to change children’s behavior. If the children care about you, they are more likely to respond to your requests and interventions.

Group mood and structure
Being sensitive to what the group is feeling can help you change behavior. A bored or restless group can be a cue that you need to provide some activity. An excited, rowdy group can signal it is time for a calming activity. Group mood can also provide support in a crisis. When negative or inappropriate behaviors challenge or threaten that structure, children are quick to intervene in behalf of their group.

The child’s own skills
Do not overwhelm yourself by assuming it is your responsibility alone to change a child’s behavior. The heart of discipline is based upon learning self-control. Your job is to transfer the power of control from yourself to the child. You may have to help the child gain control for a while by assuming that responsibility, but it should gradually be relinquished to the child. You must use your judgment about when a child is ready to be given more responsibility for his or her behavior.

Interruption of behavior

There are times when negative behavior needs to be prevented or interrupted – usually when it is destructive to self, others or the setting. When you do so, avoid closing the child in. Instead, offer choices. Teaching how to…

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