Behavior, Leadership Style, And Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Dominate Behavior

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We were assigned to do a behavioral test in class. This test was meant for employers to determine the type of person they had interest in hiring. This is a good way to get an idea of who you are employing before they are hired. Some positions require a director or a communicator. In order to get an idea of who someone is, behavior test are very useful. We were assigned to take the Employee Personality inventory exercise. This exercise examines what traits the behavior exhibits. It decides what behavior is dominate, the communication style, leadership style, and the strengths and weaknesses of the dominate behavior. I also went ahead and took a few more tests to get a well-rounded opinion of my personality style.
According to the Employee Personality Inventory quiz I had a close tie between directing and communicating. But directing scored the highest for myself. Directors are competitive with others and their self’s. They get the job done before the deadline and also set deadlines for others. (Landy, F. J, 2016) For myself, it is a constant battle to do better than I am currently doing. I feel it is very important to always want to improve yourself and want to encourage others to improve on their self’s. I struggle everyday wanting to have accomplished more in the day. It just seems as if there isn’t enough hours in the work day to complete a significant amount of work.
My communication style for being the director is direct. I rather get straight to the point instead of…

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