Becoming An Electrical Engineer : A Career Change Essay

742 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 3 Pages
Paving the way for a getter future, and becoming an Electrical Engineer. Many reasons are responsible for this sudden career change. After discussing a ling self-evaluation with my wife, whom I trust more than one, we feel that a change may be needed for our children to have certain opportunities. As a result, I have decided to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering with a primary goal in mind—becoming a Sr. Engineer. I believe now is the right time to begin a new career change. Not only is this career change for me, but for my family (a wife and 3 children) as well. In my opinion, everyone… male or female… wants a better life for their self, but most people tend to want more for their families--being able to provide a stable environment for their family, gives a person a sense of person personal satisfaction. Becoming a Sr. Engineer in the field of Electronics Technology, this career will help myself to accomplish personal goals in life and give my family more opportunities that I can be proud of. Thus, the deciding factors that helped guide me in the direction of a better future and becoming a Sr. Engineer. Currently, I am the co-owner of a small business in Newport, TN. My wife, Brandi Hurley, whom has co-ownership of the business that I’m a part of, together we form Trott-on-Creations. Established in 2010, Trott-on-Creations was created by Brandi and I, to help supplement our income. After several years, we began to do well enough to make Trott-on-Creations our main…

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