Becoming A Teacher For Younger Students Essay

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There are many career fields that involve children, but I always like the thought of becoming a teacher for younger students. Children have bigger imagination than adults do. They always get fascinated about anything new that they’ve learned. An elementary school teacher is someone who instructs children from grades first to fourth. I want to become someone who will teach younger students things that they begin to learn at that age. What I would like my reader to know about my career is that teacher who is passionate about their job help students to achieve higher. In this research, I will cover the history of teaching, requirements to obtain the career, and what being an elementary school teacher is all about.
History and Background of the Career Education began thousand of years ago, it first started in America with the landing of the Pilgrims in the 1600s. During the 19th century, most teachers were men. However, in the rural areas, the people who stood in front of the classroom are also surveyors, innkeepers, and farmers who teach school in their off- season. The more aspiring and educated teacher were young men who made school a stepping stone to a career in church or law. Women went through a hard time to prove that they can teach. As time goes by, women had become more educated. In fact, there a high degree of female literacy in the United States. There’s not much recognition for teaching back in the day. But now teacher appreciation is becoming more and more…

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