Essay on Becoming A Secondary Art Teacher And My Motivation

1822 Words Nov 16th, 2016 8 Pages
This essay will thoroughly explain why I want to become a secondary art teacher and my motivation for it. I discuss the purpose of public education and the beneficial factors teachers have to offer at public schools. Characteristics of mine that’ll make me an excellent teacher, which are being resourceful, an advocate and having a great sense of humor. Constructivism and Humanism are included and explained as the philosophies and techniques I will use in my classroom. How students learn best by being taught things that interests them. Two issues that education faces: not enough curriculum material and at-home factors affecting the ability to teach. A challenge many students face and try to overcome, bullying. I then explain how these issues will affect my art classes and what my future students and I can do to help prevent them. In conclusion, I conclude the importance of an education and the rewarding feeling of becoming a teacher.
Philosophy of Education Over the past years, education has expanded tremendously. Education helps society form in many positive ways and there’s multiple reasons why it matters. Reasons being how it develops sustainable lives and countries, it spreads peace, provides assistant child care, and many other reasons. Philosophies have been created and applied to classrooms making public schools a great learning environment. Education faces multiple issues as well, but with the help of educators, education continues to grow. Educators allow students…

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