The Importance Of Art In College Education

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When I say the word “Art”, what do you think of? Do you imagine little children in grade school trying their hardest to color inside of the lines? Do you picture macaroni necklaces and hand-turkey paintings that your kids bring home from school? Well, if this is what you thought of, you would not be wrong. However, all of these customary art projects, that we have all done as children, are just the beginning of the growth our creative minds. But why is it that using art to grow the minds of children is accepted but when we become older, art is seen a subject that needs to be put on the backburner to make room for “more important” subjects such as math and science? It is no doubt that people nowadays underestimate the importance that art brings. …show more content…
Assisting in teaching in an art classroom at an intermediate school this year has made me realize how difficult of a task getting children interested in art can be. However, my professors taught me many ways to engage students including learning what they enjoy and incorporating it into lessons. Also, my college education courses have taught me that building relationships and connections with students can increase their interest and motivation in the classroom. So, knowing this, I plan to create a positive ethos by having a good, open relationship with all of my students. I want them to know that they can come to me with any problem they need solved and I will look to resolve it for them whether that means needing access to different materials or trying out new teaching styles. Also, I want to engage my students by celebrating their diverse cultures within my classes by learning about and practicing art techniques from around the world. I believe this will further open the eyes of my students and allow them to widen their vision of the world and the various fascinating cultures within …show more content…
It has also provided me with the opportunity to become a leader, get involved with the community and, in turn, enhance my character. As a key member on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Women’s Bowling team, I stand as a leader for many of the other young women on the team. I often help many of them improve on the lanes and in the classroom as well. I learned to be someone they can depend on, trust, and help them whenever they need it. This crucial role has allowed me to grow as a leader which I will graciously be able to apply to my career when I finally become a teacher. Furthermore, contributing to food drives, book drives, and helping others whenever I can has humbled me more than I could have ever imagined. I will carry on my desire to help others and get involved with me in my

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