Essay about Becoming A Registered Nurse Is Always My Dream Career

1316 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
For as long as I remember, becoming a registered nurse was always my dream career; at first I had looked in to becoming a physician assistant but it became clear to me as I looked much deeper into both career choices and got first hand experience, I would want to pursue being a CRNA. As long as I remain on track and transfer into a nursing program after this year, I could see myself transitioning very smoothly into the health care field. As of right now, the health care field is the only career path I can envision myself not only being in, but staying in for as long as I am working. For as long as I’m working, I do not care about the money but simply to make a difference in peoples lives; I want to be someone they remember for being compassionate and giving them the absolute best health care they could possibly receive. As long as I am working and enjoying simply being a nurse in a hospital, preferably with children, that would be I want out of my career.

Like I had previously mentioned, I have had the privilege to have first hand experience by volunteering at hospital for that past four years; in that time, I have been able to shadow careers options such as: CNA, RN, APRN, and Liver and Kidney transplant surgeons. The day I shadowed my first registered nurse I remember so clearly; I could not wait to go home and tell my parents how much I genuinely enjoyed myself. I’m aware that nurses do not necessarily have the most exciting jobs but I really do enjoy the amount of…

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