Becoming A Physician Assistant Essay

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Becoming a Physician Assistant

The Career that I chose to explore for the assignment is a Physician Assistant. A Physician Assistant, also known as a ‘PA’, is a healthcare professional who is a part of a healthcare team with collaborating doctors and providers. They can offer a broad range of health care services in preventing and treating illness and injury. Depending on the PA’s scope of practice, their work load may include review of patient histories, physical exams, diagnosing illnesses, treatment plans, immunizations, ordering and interpreting tests, prescribing medications, performing procedures and assisting in surgery. PA’s can work in all areas of medicine including but not limited to, primary care, urgent care, psychiatry, neurosurgery, pediatrics, emergency medicine, etc.

The educational requirements for getting into an accredited Physician’s Assistant program vary, depending on which program you choose. A general requirement that I found across the board is, at the very minimum, the student has a bachelor’s degree. Some programs require that your previous degree be in a health related or science area of study, in order to be eligible to apply. Other requirements are not generalized across the board, they depend on what the school requirements are and feels the students should have and maintain while in school. Some of those other requirements are having a certain GPA to get into the program, maintaining a certain GPA while in the program, previous…

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