Essay on Becoming A Fashion Designer Is My Career

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When we hear the title fashion designer, we instantly think of glamor. Although the career in fashion has many rewards, the work is hard and less exotic than one may imagine. A fashion designer is actively engaged in almost every aspect of the process of introducing new fashions to the world. In high school fashion design was my career choice. My clothing teacher introduced me to this world, in which I held a passion for. She allowed me the opportunity to participate and attended fashion shows with her and that was when I knew what I wanted to become, a fashion designer.
Since there are many fields a fashion designer can work with, it is important to know what area of fashion you want a career in. The working condition for this career is quite diverse and competitive. Fashion designers have many responsibilities and their work activities include, but are not limited to, researching, sketching, designing, creating longer work hours and extensive traveling. “The “heart” of the garment industry is in New York City, where most major manufactures have offices. Los Angeles has become the headquarter for the garment industry on the West Coast, specializing in sportswear,” (143). These two locations have an enormous of designer’s workers in these areas.
Fashion Design can be a demanding career and it is most suitable for someone who has a passion for fashion and no family obligations. Long work hours will occur, because there will always be deadlines to meet and new…

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