Becoming A Doctor Is Impossible Essay

1122 Words Mar 4th, 2016 5 Pages
When a teenager tells a group of adults that they want to go into a medical career they usually get a crazy look and people trying to tell them that they should choose an easier career that does not take as much schooling and that will not amount in potential lawsuits. Becoming a doctor of any specialty is extremely hard and requires a vast amount motivation. Doctors usually go through twelve years of regular schooling, four years of college, another four years of medical school, and then residency which can take up another eight years totaling to about thirteen more years after you have finished high school. This also contributes to the other problem which is that after all of this secondary education. People who say that becoming a doctor is impossible are incorrect and most everyone can do it with a great amount motivation and the idea that helping other people is what makes the world a better place. Doctors are a huge part of what makes the world go around, and without them the world would be so much different than it is today. There is a great need for medics in the world especially with new breakthroughs in technology, inventions such as vaccines for diseases such as measles, mumps, HPV, HIV have made the need even greater so that we can not only make new advances but because with all of these new vaccines there are other rare and important diseases being discovered that dont have vaccines or cures available. This is another reason why education to become a doctor…

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