Becoming A Dental Assistant Essay

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When I was a kid, I enjoyed going to the dentist and still to this day as a young adult, I still do. I like interacting with all the nice ladies called dental assistants. I already knew that dental assistants help out the dentist by preparing the patient and keeping up with their records but I would like to learn more. I would like to know how they break down and clean the equipment, do they deal with children or adults more. I also want to know what school I would have to attend to become the dental assistant of my dreams. By using books, MS choices, the Internet, and doing an interview, I found the working conditions, outlook, and training, the pay rate, and much more about my future career. Dental assistants are often confused with hygienist, but these two people play very different roles. A hygienists cleans and exams teeth and report finding to the dentist. A dental assistant is more …show more content…
Dental assistants are to take a certification test to make sure they know what they need to. They are to learn vital signs, know how to perform CPR, take oral inspections, and make patient’s charts, maintain records and supplies, work with insurance forms and much more. In MS, the annual wage is $31,030, entry wage is $22,030, the experienced wage is $43,710, hourly wage is $14.92, entry wage is $10.59, experienced hourly wage if $21.01, and the median hourly wage is $14.07.(MS choices). In Jackson, MS, a dental assistant salary is $34,557, but these salaries are based on where you live.(>MS>dental-assistant-salary). There are many jobs compared to dental assistants, though they are alike they are very different. Dental hygienists, medical assistants, and nursing assistants and orderlies are very much like dental assistants. Even though they all help out the perform different

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